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Enroll in the no-cost program sponsored by AEP Ohio and Columbia Gas to get timely energy usage data that syncs with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®.
Start benchmarking your facilities now.
Start benchmarking your facilities now.
If you're an AEP Ohio or Columbia Gas business customer, you can start tracking your building's performance at no cost. Simply sign up for an account below.

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See results from benchmarking!
According to a study by the U.S. EPA, buildings that consistently benchmark energy performance save an average of 2.4% on energy usage annually with some buildings saving more than 10%!
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Identify the buildings that cost you the most.
Eligible buildings get an automated ENERGY STAR score that compares the energy performance of your property portfolio to those of similar use.
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Measure progress on energy saving initiatives.
View up-to-date usage data in a secure online platform to reduce energy consumption, save money and minimize energy-related impacts on businesses.
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Manage all your historical energy data in one place.
Get access to 36 months of historical AEP Ohio and Columbia Gas usage data and automatic monthly updates (no monthly data entry needed after registering).
How does it work?
Enrollment is simple and provides you with the data tools to track and manage your energy use.
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